Apparently, the current court is also biased in favor of the good ole boys legal networks. Just recently the current court ordered that Jeff Baron will not get his books and records back.  At the time of the ex parte receivership,  all of Jeff’s business records, computers, personal papers, photos, etc were confiscated and housed in the office of Peter Vogel.  He  claims he has an entire office full of Baron’s belongings

Jeff Baron only gets notice of how many millions the lawyers are billing and being paid with his money; but he has never been granted his due process rights to a proper accounting by Peter Vogel, Katz and their cohorts.

Enigmatically, the current court also openly continues to defy the 2012 mandates of the Fifth  Circuit by adjudicating, without any hearing upon the merits that all the legal fees are justified and protected from rescinding.

To justify these additional abuses of discretion, the current courts point fingers at the victimized Jeff Baron, berate him, defame and call him names.

Meanwhile, the bankruptcy courts, with all the creditors only being legal fees that are paid in full, egregiously are soliciting other lawyers to manufacture claims...just in case there are any more assets of Jeff Baron’s to devour.

After the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the District Court to return whatever property and other assets to Jeff in December 2012, the receiver alone has racked up another $2 million dollars which he will take from any remaining assets and leave the Claimed Creditors” with nothing but to keep the bankruptcy case going on and on and on. This is the longest court battle in the history of Texas courts. 


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