What is Abuse of Power?

When a Federal Judge orders the impossible and threatens contempt of court if the impossible order cannot be made is abuse of power.

Judge Jernigan knows fully well that Jeff Baron cannot possibly comply with her orders, she is setting him up for a disastrous outcome.

Q:  What makes her orders impossible?

A:  Judge Jernigan is ordering 100s of 10000s of documents duplicated and delivered to her court.  First of all, if it is possible for Jeff to produce those copies, she will not allow funds for such a job.  We are talking over $5k dollars.  Second, most of the files are held by the adverse lawyers who claim they do not have the files and if they do, are they willing to provide them?  Third, when Judge Furgeson illegally put Jeff into receivership, Peter Vogel confiscated all his records, both business as well as personal and has never returned any of them.  This only part of her impossible orders. 

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