Jeff’s dream was to help researchers of  Juvenile Onset Diabetes (Type 1) find a cure for this dreaded disease. That dream became a nightmare when a group of rogue lawyers decided they want to strip Jeff of his funds, his assets and Diabetes Trust to line their pockets with his dream. 

Jeff was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3.  Even with all the serous complications of this debilitating disease, Jeff was able to graduate with honors from University of Texas/Austin.  With all the physical strikes against him, he was still able to invent an innovative technology and build a very successful business in the very early years of the Internet.  He is considered by many a pioneer such as the caliber of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other young men who changed our lives forever.

Type 1 Diabetes is nothing like Type 2, which affects usually overweight adults.  Type 1 Diabetes is a disease where the immune system begins to attack itself and puts vital organs at risk.  Over the years doctors/researchers have been working on a cure but so far they have come up empty. 

Jeff had a dream that if he could make enough money to fund a group of scientists, who are working on stem cell research to put an end to children suffering from this dreaded disease, he would work hard to see that dream come true.

His invention became successful and Jeff’s promise was fulfilled.  Or to a point.  Jeff created a trust fund for the purpose of giving the money earned to the research group working on the stem cell project.   The trust fund grew to over $60 million in assets–enough to potentially cure the age old disease.

This dream became a nightmare when the greedy lawyers along with their high powered judge friend discovered an avenue to get their hands not only on the company but on the trust fund that massed a portfolio of over $60 million.

One would ask how can that be?  Over the years, one illegal action by lawyer after layer placed the company into bankruptcy, involuntarily placed Jeff into an illegal Receivership and looted the research trust fund. 

Jeff is now fighting for his life against the most powerful lawyers and officials with no end in sight. His company is gone, his life is in shambles and the trust looted.  Are they finished?  No not by a long shot. 

The Ring of Terror continues to drag Jeff into court without any protection of a lawyer of his own to defend himself.

As described in other articles on this site, this is not the first rodeo for this group of rogue lawyers.

The files listed below are official court filed documents:

Emergency Motion to Stay Liquidation for $60 million Assets for 2 cents on the Dollar

818 Order Granting Receivers’ Motion to Liquidate for 2 cents on the Dollar

Order Denying Request for Stay Regarding Liquidation of $60 million Assets

822 Reversal Order to Denying Motion to Stay

Order Reversing Stay to Liquidate Assets

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