A story appeared on the Pamela Geller Report today, Jan 6, 217.  This is a detailed report of the the coming censaorhsip of the Internet as we know it today.  Jeff Baron, an internet pioneer in the early 1990’s is only too familiar of internet domain hacking and theft he experienced .  Jeff’s experience was at the hand of a  Federal Judge, Royal Furgeson, that stole his business, personal property, violating his constutional rights as an American Citizen caught up in the clutches of a civil lawsuit that went sour.  There are many stories of Jeff Baron that can be found from Huff Post to Pamela Geller.  He is now fighting for the return of ICANN under American control instead of any one of our enemies censoring our freedom of speach. China demanded Apple to remove a Chinese version of The New York Times then later demanded they remove an app for the English version as well.  In China, try to search for the New York Times and you find nothing.  This will be coming to America if do not get our control back. 

Jeff is dedicated his time not only to fight against those that stole his company but to fight for Americans in convincing President-Elect Donal Trump to bring ICANN back to “make the Internet Great Again.”

Click here to read the article.  This will make you stand up and take notice to what is happening to our country.

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