How Have the Lawyers Been Able to Label Jeff “Vexatious Litigant”?

It is important to understand that the sole motivation behind the persecution of Jeff is money. One must realize that numerous lawyers have all cooperated together to achieve the same goal–to take Jeff’s assets and use them to pay themselves.  To achieve the goal, the lawyers developed a well-orchestrated, long-term plan.  In fact, all of Jeff’s seized assets have been used to pay the same lawyers who put Jeff in the receivership (over $4 million)–100%.  Not a penny has been used to pay alleged creditors.

The premise of this elaborate plan was to seize all Jeff’s assets to enrich themselves.  With the help of the Judges and their court liaisons, the plan was created.

The plan was as follows:

All of Jeff’s possessions and documents were seized at the off-the-record, private meeting between Jeff’s adversaries and Judge Furgeson,  After placing Jeff in receivership, Judge Furgeson and his friends (his court liaisons/ lawyers) searched to find an excuse to justify the act.  The excuse they came up with: Jeff was a “vexatious litigant” and the “cure” was to take away all of his assets so that Jeff would be stopped from hiring lawyers (this was literally the excuse).  Their claim, absurdly,  at the same time that Jeff is guilty of “not paying lawyers”.

By creating this excuse to prevent Jeff from contesting the seizure of all of his assets, the judges’ liaisons’ plan was fate accompli. They were thus able to pay themselves millions of dollars with Jeff’s money and Jeff couldn’t do anything to stop them.

But, that plan had some holes that the lawyers needed to fill.  First, The law requires that in order to be placed in receivership, the property must be claimed to belong to someone else.   However, Jeff did not have any property in dipsute.  So, the liasisons aggressively solicited Jeff’s former lawyers, inviting them to make claims and become “creditors” to justify the receivership. They even recruited lawyers to assist in their solicitations.  After several months of recruiting, eventually, dozens of solicited lawyers made claims. Under examination, the claims are all false.  But, without a lawyer representing Jeff, it is impossible for him to contest.

When under oath, these lawyers participated in the fraud, actually declaring–falsely–that they were fired. In exchange, the lawyers each received a handsome award of money from Jeff’s seized assets. This was part of the fabrication to create this false frame of vexatious behavior.

In fact, Judge Furgeson interfered with the relationship Jeff had with his former attorneys by threatening military seizure and even death–literally.  Many of these attorneys ran away as fast as they could.

These disenfranchised lawyers together with the court liaisons forced Jeff into involuntary bankruptcy and appointed a new trustee to assume Jeff’s asserts and rights in order to continue the illegal receivership and prohibition against Jeff hiring a lawyer

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  1. Garrett Pronske is a bankruptcy attorney that was hired to do a re-organization in the bankruptcy court.  It is not important if Mr Pronski did or did not do a proper job.  It is important to say  Mr Prinski never gave Jeff Baron a written engagement letter only a commitment to do the work for $75k.  That bill was paid in full and his job was over.  The re-org was botched by this law firm but they non the less were paid in full.  For some reason without a new contract, Pronski‘s firm continued to bill.  After 9 months, Baron received his first billing statement for over 200K.  Jeff argued that this bill was not legitimate, why did he take so long in presenting this or any bill and why was he still charging when his job was finished. 

    For the past several years, he comes to each and every hearing demanding he get paid.  He was one of the fraudlent lawyers who put Baron into involuntary bankruptcy,  First the 5th Circuit deemed the legal fees were not part of a bankruptcy.  When that failed the mob joined in and put Baron into an involuntary bankruptcy.  The higher District Court said no they vould not do that and it must be reversed with damages.  So far Jeff has seen not one penny of the money stollen from him.

    Yesterday, Ponski still trying to steal over 200k filed a motion to Judge Jernigan, bankruptcy judge to attach all of Jeffs money held in an IRA.  Today, that same Judge Jernigan, denied that motion, told Baron to write a motion to relcaim any attorney fees and damages caused by the involutentary bankruptcy.  This is the frist positive step Judge Jernigan made in all they years before her. 

    I write about all the wrong that has been done, this is one right move.

    Pronski is trying whatever tactics he has to rob Jeff of this money.

    When you lie long enough you begin to believe your own lies as truth.

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