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Involuntary Bankruptcy Deemed Unlawful

The lawyer claims that forced jeff Baron into involuntary bankruptcy was overturned by Judge Lindsay of the Northern District of TX Federal Court.  Judge Jernigan's reading of the law was deemed wrong. 
Click here  For the Opinion
Click here  For the Order

American Dream Becomes a Nightmare

Jeff Baron is an Internet pioneer who, at the age of 32, invented a technology in the early days of the Internet to make it easier to register Internet domain names.  Jeff quickly became successful.  His business was profitable and made money.
But today, Jeff Baron does not even own the shirt on his back.  Tens of millions of dollars have disappeared due to the actions of two federal judges and a small army of unscrupulous Texas attorneys.

Civil rights in Jeopardy

Statue of Liberty


Click here for a copy of the email where the court prohibits Jeff from hiring counsel.


Below is a text copy of the email:

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 8:13 PM
To: 'jeffbaron1@gmail.com'
Subject: FW: Jeff Baron Receivership

Abuse of Power

Abuse of power of federal judges

 What is Abuse of Power?

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