The Story of Jeff Baron

Who is Jeff Baron, and Why Should You Care?

As the "Occupy" movement started, and grew, and i heard from so many sources that the "Occupy" protesters simply wanted to soak the rich, i started to think about the story of Jeff Baron. Most people won't have heard of this man, but the reason I joined the "Occupy" protest locally was to point out the injustices of our current U.S. political system, and the fact that even millions of dollars won't save you, if the powers that be decide they don't want you to play with them. They will take your ball and send you packing.

As I was doing some other stuff, and thinking about Jeff Baron, the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies began to play in my head, and the new lyrics practically wrote themselves:

What Happened to Jeff Baron?

A self-made dot-com millionaire, Jeff Baron started a business that began with writing a piece of software to ease the process of buying up domain names. While this may not be the most productive business, Jeff earned his money honestly through a technological innovation. Mr. Baron was approached by another individual, who phonied up a lot of documentation and references, convincing Jeff that he was on the verge of a breakthrough search program that would advance Jeff's business. Then the business partner claimed Jeff's business as his own, and began filing numerous lawsuits, forcing Jeff Baron to hire a lot of lawyers to defend him in court, as his former partner continued to file more and more lawsuits.

Eventually, a settlement was reached, the company (not Jeff) was put into bankruptcy, and all the creditors were paid off, or so Jeff thought. However, several of Jeff's lawyers decided they had not been paid enough, and so the next chapter begins . . . .

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