Federal Judges take an oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United States. They abide by an oath that charges them with unbiased and blind justice. We the people are entitled under the law to a fair trial, due process, along with many other civil rights. A civil litigant is not required to prove his innocence, it is up to the prosecuting entity to prove guilt. This is the law

While this is all and good, the oath of office is many times ignored. The longer a judge is in office they realize they have so much power and control over someone’s life. If you ask the average person on the street about our judicial system, they believe that our Bill of Rights protect us against the super powerful judiciary system.

When I first learned of the Jeff Baron case, I took a straw poll of my friends by asking a few simple questions. Can a court order prohibit a litigant to hire an attorney? Can a court order a person to relinquish all their personal property, prohibit them from earning a living, to confiscate their home and auto all without a trial? The answers I received were all of course not. We have a Constitution, Bill of Rights and judges to make sure these things don’t happen.

Unequivocally they were horrified to learn what Jeff has gone through in a court of law that is supposed to protect you from corruption, innocent until proven guilty, etc etc, etc. With each comment, they would say, This is American, there are laws against that”. “A judge can’t take the right to work away from someone, we no longer have slavery in America.” “Lawyers have to tell the truth, they take an oath.” Lawyers are supposed to keep client privilege private.” “A judge can’t coach a witness during a hearing.”

I tell my friends that prior to 2010 I believed as they did. The law protected us agains wrong doers. This case has turned my head around and I now know what corruption really looks like.

Regular people, news media, and the like are afraid to speak out against the injustices people encounter. Other areas such as family law is a cesspool of corruption, Elder care is another area old, infirm and or their families are abused by the law. The Federal Court system is rampant with judges and other officers of the court violating the law they are supposed to upheld because they are protected by the government. Because Federal Judges are not subject to recourse, they have all the power to do whatever they like inside or outside the law. These bad judges and lawyers rise above those judges and officers of the court that abide by the law and paint the profession with a broad brush.

Both my father and my husband fought for our country. My father gave his life to protect our freedoms. I am sick to see what has happened to the justice system and the greedy lawyers. Congress is supposed to be the watchdog of the judicial system but is more interested in their special interest groups and lobbyists then making sure that their constituents (us regular folk who vote) are not taken advantage of by the system. The answer I get from my my congressman is “I can’t get invloved with a legal decision” In letter after letter showing proof of the bias and illegal actions taken against Jeff, they turn a blind eye and refuse to get involved.

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  1. What has happened to our Federal System of checks and balances?  I see our Court system brag about fighting fraud and corruption in the courts but they refuse to santion those lawyers, judges who break the law just becasue they can.  A black robe gives judges carte blanche and abusive power knowing that nothing will be done to them.  The State Bar is another joke along the same lines of santioning or disbarring lawyers. Every one and then you hear of a lawyer losing his/her license but those are rare.

    We need to let  our government know we are not happy with the court system. When a court violates ones civil rights inn so many ways for greed We The People must make a stand that we will not stand for our constitutional rights being trampled on .



  2. What on earth is happening to the court system, the police system and our politicians both state and Federal.  As a senior citizen, I have been around a long to see our country deterioting in the face of our courts.  As most citizens I have always believed that the judges in our courts were fair and balanced.  You know, “Blind Justice” and all?  Not so anymore.  Money speaks louder then oaths.  As I have been reading all about the Baron case, I can only visualize the judges and lawyers rubbing their hands together with a smirk on their faces.  In private meetings saying to one another, what ele can we do to this guy?  


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