Banana Republic Justice: Coming Soon to a Court Near You


Jeff Baron is an Internet pioneer who, at the age of 32, invented a technology in the early days of the Internet to make it easier to register Internet domain names.  Jeff quickly became successful.  His business was profitable and made money.

But today, Jeff Baron does not even own the shirt on his back; Tens of millions of dollars have disappeared due to the actions of two federal judges and a small army of unscrupulous Texas attorneys.

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Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Defendant With Death

Martin Luther King's vision was justice for all.  Royal Furgeson has stripped justice from Jeff Baron

  When a discussion relating to Courts, lawyers and the Constitution, my friends are amazed when I tell them the story of my son, Jeff Baron, they cannot believe the injustice Jeff has indured over the years through the court system.  My friends and I belong to a generation where the corruption was caused by the "Mafia" and not the judicial system.  We grew up during the WWII era where our fathers, husbands and friends were fighting for freedom.  Who would believe what has happend to the powerful people of our country.?  

The Threat of a Censored Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media

A story appeared on the Pamela Geller Report today, Jan 6, 217.  This is a detailed report of the the coming censaorhsip of the Internet as we know it today.  Jeff Baron, an internet pioneer in the early 1990's is only too familiar of internet domain hacking and theft he experienced .  Jeff's experience was at the hand of a  Federal Judge, Royal Furgeson, that stole his business, personal property, violating his constutional rights as an American Citizen caught up in the clutches of a civil lawsuit that went sour.

China Battles for the Internet after Obama Giveaway

Powerful countries that don’t cherish or respect freedom of speech seem to be jockeying for influence over Internet governance after President Barack Obama’s administration allowed a contract with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), an American corporation, to expire Oct. 1

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/26/china-battles-for-internet-governance-after-america-gives-up-control/#ixzz4Turl05Ud

How Advanced Technology Can Save Us From Future Internet Shutdowns

An internet shutdown in the Northeastern U.S. happened roughly a week ago, and the experts are looking for ways to prevent this attack from ever happening again.

Websites like Twitter and Spotify were inaccessible for thousands of people following the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn, a major domain name system (DNS) host. DNS, the technical network that converts web address names into numbers, is essentially the “yellow pages” of online addresses.

Is Texas Court breeding far east cyber criminals?

Huffington Post recently published an article about Jeff Baron and the the corruption in the federal court system in Texas.  Jeff Baron, an internet pioneer in the 1990's designed software and built a companyworth over $100 millions dollars.

Internet Crashes Will Be Hard To Stop After Obama’s Internet Giveaway

Jeff Baron, an internet pioneer, was interviewed by the Daily Caller for this article. Our day to day existence reliess so heavily on the internet...from our electrical grid, to running our vehicles,t o running our business, banking and the list goes on and on and on.  After the breach of the Dyn servers, we see how vulnerable we truly are and at the mercy of malicious individuals or organizations that want to cause chaos to our world. His intellectual property was sold off to Chinese cybercriminals among others.

Dallas Judges Shred Constitution, Steal Millions

This article appeared in the Daily Caller on August 12, 2016.  When you read this story, ask yourself, "can this or will this happen to me?"  The answer is YES it can.  We have been reading more and more about prisoners being exonerated after many years in prison becasue of evidence not brought forth or new technologies in determining guilt or innocence.

A well-Orchestrated Plan

How Have the Lawyers Been Able to Label Jeff "Vexatious Litigant"?

It is important to understand that the sole motivation behind the persecution of Jeff is money. One must realize that numerous lawyers have all cooperated together to achieve the same goal--to take Jeff’s assets and use them to pay themselves.  To achieve the goal, the lawyers developed a well-orchestrated, long-term plan.  In fact, all of Jeff’s seized assets have been used to pay the same lawyers who put Jeff in the receivership (over $4 million)--100%.  Not a penny has been used to pay alleged creditors.  

The premise of this elaborate plan was to seize all Jeff’s assets to enrich themselves.  With the help of the Judges and their court liaisons, the plan was created.  

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